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Jen's Peace Corps Adventures in Togo
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Thanks to everyone for all their support while I spent two years in Togo with Peace Corps.  I'm back in the US now, drop me an email if you're trying to reach me.

Some of my last stories didn't make it on the site for some reason, but there are plenty of old ones for anyone who's interested in reading about my experience.

Some friends of mine in Togo make batiks and sent me back with a few to sell for them.  I already sold a few, but what's left you can see by clicking the link below.  All the money will get to the artists, none will be lost in shipping/handling fees, etc like often is the case with buying African art.

Click here to see the handmade batiks that are for sale!

Where in Africa is Togo?
(click the link below)

Map of Africa


Well, I tried to get this to list the time and date in Togo, but can't seem to do so.  Instead it lists what seems to be the current info for the viewer's time zone. Togo is on Greenwich Mean Time (same as London) in case you're wondering....